The Cotswold School’s Library is open from 8.15am until 5.00pm every school day, offering homework support after school from Monday to Friday.

The Library caters to the whole school community and is a place for quiet work and reading for all, with a mezzanine floor available to students in the senior years for study and research.

“They [pupils] are encouraged to read widely at home and in lessons, and have access to a very popular, well-resourced library.” – Ofsted Report, 2015

Mrs Williams, School Librarian

The shelves are well stocked with both fiction, non-fiction and set texts for the variety of subjects on offer throughout the school.  New books are added to the shelves regularly while you can always find today’s national and local papers.

The innovative Librarian, Mrs Williams, is a mine of information  and is readily available to recommend books and reference guides to all our students.  She operates a fantastic system which allows her to quickly locate any title, author or subject … and she is regularly tested by our Library users!

To support, inspire and encourage pupils reading, the Library have produced three Key Stage 3 reading lists which you can view by clicking on the links below:
KS3 Reading List: Year 7
KS3 Reading List: Year 8
KS3 Reading List: Year 9

Mrs Williams also runs Book Club in the Library.  This is open to any pupil in Years 8 & 9 and takes place every other Wednesday lunchtime.  If you love reading and chatting about books – and eating the occasional slice of cake – then this is the club for you!  For more information, please CLICK HERE.

Student involvement in the running of our school library has never been so active.  To read about our dedicated Student Librarian team, please CLICK HERE.

Our Library operates ‘Eclipse’ – a state-of-the-art library portal that can be accessed by students and staff from PCs in school, at home and on mobile devices (available on Google play, App Store and Windows Store).  Never has the school Library been more accessible.  Pupils can reserve books, track their lending, write reviews, check what is new on the shelves and what is in and out.  The system will make reading recommendations based on previous reading choices and so much more.   CLICK HERE to access our Eclipse Library system.

On its ground floor, the Library has a very useful bank of 15 networked PCs and a printer.  These are available for students to use before and after school, during breaks and lunchtimes, and throughout the school day with the permission of the Librarian and when the PCs are not otherwise being used by classes.  Usage of the PCs is regarded as a privilege and they may only be used for school work, relevant research and homework.  Students are also welcome to print off their work – something which comes in very handy when home printers break down and homework is due!

An Accelerated Reading programme for Years 7 and 8, is also centred in the Library with books colour coded so pupils can easily identify those best suited to them.  You can read more about the programme by clicking HERE.



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