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Design and Technology

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We believe that all children should be encouraged to engage in activities that will prepare them for life in a society where Design and Technology is playing an increasingly
important role.

The Design and Technology department aims to provide pupils with the opportunity to discover the ability to design, make and evaluate products using a variety of materials and resources. The material areas used are Resistant Materials (wood, metal, plastic), Graphics, Textiles, Systems and Control (electrical and mechanical where appropriate) and Food. Pupils also experience the use of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM).

The department is very well resourced and uses a range of tools and equipment, audio/visual materials and ICT (including CAD/CAM) to deliver the Design and Technology curriculum.

The department is housed in two distinct areas very close to each other which benefit both the staff and pupils:

– DT reception area ICT facility

– DT1 Food Technology Room

– DT2 Resistant Materials Workshop

– DT3 Resistant Materials Workshop

– DT4 Technology Room (with CAD/CAM facility)

– DT5 Graphics Room

– DT6 Textiles Technology Room

– 6th Form A Level Textiles Room

Design and Technology Curriculum

Key Stage 3

All pupils are encouraged to be creative when designing and problem solving. They are given the opportunity to learn a number of foundation skills in a practical environment which will allow them to make a range of high quality products.

Design and Technology is delivered in modules where pupils design and make a number of products by working in all material areas e.g:

– Year 7 – Mechanical Monster, Pewter Key Fob, CD Sleeve, Spirit Mask, Stir Fry

– Year 8 – Mobile Phone Holder, Electronic Alarm, Soft Sculpture, Pizza and Soup

– Year 9 – Memphis Clock, Cushion, Vegetarian Quiche

Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11 pupils can opt to study a GCSE Design and Technology subject specialising in one of the following areas, all specifications are offered by AQA:

– Resistant Materials

– Graphic Products

– Food Technology

– Textiles Technology

Key Stage 5

In the Sixth Form the Design and Technology department offers two A Level courses that students can choose to take i.e.

– AQA Design and Technology Product Design: 3D Design

– Edexcel Art and Design Textiles

A Level has become increasingly popular and the quality of work produced by students is outstanding. To highlight this, students work has recently been featured in an article published in Designing magazine. Click here to see the article. (pdf file 288K)

We aim to offer a broad range of experiences for our pupils within Design and Technology. All students are encouraged to set high standards for themselves and to strive to produce good quality work that enables them to design and make high quality products.

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