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Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care is a broad based vocational qualification that is designed to be applied to early year’s education, social care settings and health sectors. The courses we run in health and social care are ideal courses for students with an interest in Health and Social Care and the future employment possibilities it could offer them, such as nursing, speech and language therapy, social work midwifery, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, which are all course available at universities or employment in areas such as child care, auxiliary nursing teaching assistants, physio assistants and caring for the elderly.

We offer courses at key stage 4 GCSE courses that encourage candidates to develop an interest, acquire knowledge and understanding of issues affecting all care sectors. They will develop skills they can apply effectively including research, evaluation and problem solving in a work related context or higher education. All the courses are heavily weighted on course work which is an advantage to candidates that find written examination stressful, it is a far more balanced assessment of their skills and understanding of the concepts within the subject, it also enhances ICT skills.

GCSE (OCR single award) has two mandatory units of work:

– Health Social Care and Early Years Provision ( a controlled internally assessed course work) – you will learn what services are available and the choices an individual has to access them.

– Understanding Personal Development and Relationships (external examination)

Visit the Sixth Form website for information regarding further study on this subject.

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