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The History department at The Cotswold School aims to deliver a broad, relevant, lively and fun history curriculum. From 1066 to 9/11, students study a whole range of British, European and World History. We are a very popular subject at GCSE and A-level. As well as traditional topics, in recent years we have added studies on terrorism and crime and punishment through time, to Key Stage 3. We study Modern World History at GCSE with depth studies on Weimar and Nazi German and America in the 1920s. At A-Level we study Pitt to Peel and The Cold War in Europe followed by Russia 1855-1964 and independent coursework.

The highlights of the History department’s work include our numerous trips. From Goodrich Castle and the First World War Battlefields in Key Stage 3 to Berlin and Krakow with the older students, we really try to take history outside the classroom as much as possible. We also have links with our partner schools in France and Zambia and pupils share learning on the French Revolution and the British Empire.

The department is very well resourced with a great selection of textbooks, video and electronic materials. We also have a set of iPads which help students with their wider research and to engage them further in their studies of the past through a range of apps and online resources. We have a team of 4 full-time history teachers and a suite of 4 excellent classrooms. We are extremely proud of our results at all Key Stages which are comfortably above national averages.

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