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ICT and Computer Science

The disciplines of both ICT and Computer Science are taught by a team of experienced teachers in a suite of well-equipped ICT rooms, enabling students to develop their skills independently in air-conditioned rooms with desktop computers.  In addition to three dedicated ICT and Computer Science teaching rooms there are further computer suites in Modern Languages, Design and Technology, Science and the Sixth Form. iPads and laptops are also used by many departments for research and design.

At KS3 a mixture of ICT and Computer Science is offered, with Year 7s developing their keyboard skills and knowledge of word-processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentation software through a series of tasks on the topic of E-safety.  Year 7 students also have the opportunity to develop their understanding of computer systems and binary, the fundamentals of computer science.

In Year 8 ICT and Computer Science are taught as part of the Design and Technology rota with an 8 week focus on designing applications and user interfaces.  In class there is plenty of opportunity to develop Computer Science concepts such as abstraction and computational thinking.

Developing coding skills is the focus of the Year 9 teaching which again is incorporated into the Design and Technology teaching rota.  In addition to developing their Python programming skills, students are taught the importance of design using tools such as flowcharts and pseudocode.

At KS4 students interested in Computer Science and ICT may choose to take a GCSE in Computer Science as one of their English Baccalaureate sciences or alternatively students can pursue a vocational ICT course.

Students may continue their learning at KS5 by selecting Computer Science A Level or a vocational ICT course.  Alternatively, for those who would prefer to be in the workplace, there are vast, in some instances well-paid, apprenticeship opportunities for students with ICT and Computer Science skills.

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