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The Cotswold School believes that mathematics plays a huge role in everyday life and can open a vast array of career pathways. We are proud to offer many exciting opportunities for pupils to fulfil their potential and to broaden / extend their knowledge and enjoyment of mathematics. We also feel it is vital for our students to see how mathematics relates to, and in fact underpins, many other curriculum subjects.

The department is housed in a suite of classrooms that all have interactive whiteboards and we have access to a class set of laptops. The use of new technology is seen as important; we look to use ICT whenever it is appropriate to do so and we subscribe to the excellent MyMaths site www.mymaths.co.uk (this offers pupils a great virtual learning environment for use in and out of lessons) to encourage independent learning.

We are lucky to have a team of staff that are both highly skilled and passionate about mathematics, including members of the department that have experience of applying their mathematical skills in the workplace / industry.

Pupils are taught in bands during year 7 (based on ability over the core subjects) and then in sets during year 8 to year 11, although the year groups are split into two halves. We believe this accurate setting helps our students learn at a pace best suited to their ability and helps promote confidence. There is always scope for set movement to ensure that the pupils are in the right set at all times. The department offers plenty of support in and out of class, with numerous revision programmes and extra lessons put on; we also have a wealth of support provided by our excellent teaching assistants who not only offer help within lessons but also extract pupils for small group work.

We follow a well structured KS3 scheme of work that prepares our pupils for the transition to GCSE; within this scheme, we incorporate some exciting opportunities for pupils to work on practical, problem solving activities from Bowland Maths www.bowlandmaths.org.uk. We fully embrace assessment for learning (AfL) and help pupils ‘build a picture’ of where there learning is taking them. At KS4 (GCSE) we will follow the Edexcel Linear Specification A with 2 units, worth 50% of the final grade each, being tested at the end of year 11. KS4 pupils are also able to take statistics as an additional GCSE subject.

The department is extremely proud of its achievements and the progress pupils make during their time at the school. Last year’s success stories include:

85% of pupils gained a C or above in GCSE Mathematics

40% of those marks were A or A*

Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) programme is extremely active and spearheaded by STEM Coordinator, Mrs Clarke.  Mrs Clarke leads STEM coordination in the county, helping to enrich the understanding and impact of STEM in the world around us.  STEM challenge days and activities with the Engineering Club are regular and popular features of the school year.

Thanks to STEM, the department has seen the skills learnt in the classroom transferred into real life application during STEM challenge days held in school. The National Grid sponsor a Year 10 STEM day and have been so impressed by our pupils that they have awarded 6 of them a week’s work experience at their training centre in Newark each year.

Pupils enjoy mathematics at The Cotswold School and they are encouraged to set themselves high standards and to strive to achieve the best that they can.

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