In order for us to support the wellbeing of our students and staff, there are a number of different avenues open for advice and help at The Cotswold School.

Communication is key. Our students and their families are able to speak to staff, including personal tutors, Heads of Year, school nurse and our pastoral team.  You can find the link to our staff list and their roles HERE.

Additionally, there is the ‘ANTIBULLYING’ button on our school intranet; and for particular e-safety concerns, there is the ‘CEOPS’ button
both EXAMSTRESSon our intranet and the school website, providing access to help.  You can find our intranet HERE.

Currently, a number of our staff are undergoing mindfulness training and we will soon be offering sessions for both students and staff.

on-your-mindWe are also supported by Gloucestershire’s Healthy Living and Learning group in our pursuit of wellbeing.  Should anyone in our school community need further information on mental health and emotional wellbeing, you can access a very useful guide below – as an onscreen book –  or download the PDF by CLICKING HERE