Getting ready for secondary school

If you are starting secondary school in September, we are looking forward to finding out about you and you’ll have lots of questions for us, too.

Transition to secondary school can be daunting for an 11-year-old and their parents and carers. At The Cotswold School our experienced group of teachers and support staff work together to ensure that Year 6 pupils settle comfortably into Year 7.

The values of ‘friendship and knowledge’ run through our work to welcome new members of our community. We offer a caring environment to learn, supporting new students and their parents as they get to know our school.

One of the people you will meet first is our Head of Year 7, Miss Lamb.

Miss Lamb

Welcome to our school!

Miss Lamb is a Design and Technology teacher at The Cotswold School. She is our Head of Year 7 and she helps the children and families who make up Year 7 to settle into secondary school. You will start getting to know her when you are in Year 6.

Click her picture to watch the ‘Welcome to Year 7’ video

To get a flavour of our school, take a look at the information on our ‘What’s it like in Year 7‘ page. Click on the buttons below, which cover many of the frequently asked questions that we discuss with parents and children on our traditional open days.

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Welcome to Year 7

Our handy booklet for new starters
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Stepping up to secondary school

Lots of questions answered here!
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